Walt McCready
Walt McCready
Walt McCready
Harlan, Kentucky
Cause of Death
Poisoned by Mags Bennett
Bennett family, Marijuana grower
Walt McCready was a guest character in the FX series Justified second season premiere episode, "The Moonshine War". Walt was the father of Loretta McCready, as well as the husband of Sally Anne McCready. Walt is a marijuana farmer who grows his product unknowingly on Bennett territory and ends up being assaulted by Dickie Bennett and Doyle Bennett. Walt is killed at the end of that very episode by Mags Bennett, who poisoned him with a glass of her "apple pie moonshine" due to the fact he had called the cops on James Earl Dean, a child molester who had been frequently harassing his daughter. Walt was portrayed by guest star Chris Mulkey.



Walt was a single father raising Loretta on his own (due to her mother passing away). Walt is a farmer who like the Bennett family grows pot, which his daughter takes care of, snipping the leaves.

Season 2Edit

Walt appears in the episode "The Moonshine War." Loretta goes to him to tell him about James admitting that he worked for the Bennett family. The news scares Walt, who says he anonymously called a police tip line earlier in the day about Jimmy's advances. Unbeknownst to Walt, the tip line was NOT anonymous, so the police were able to see his number and get his address. Walt refuses to tell Raylan, Rachel, and Tom any information out of fear of turning James into the police.

Doyle and Dickie soon pay a visit to Walt who accidentally lets it slip out that he called the cops on James. Doyle, however, is confused due to the fact they didn't visit Walt for that reason but rather because he is being accused of planting marijuana on Bennett land. Dickie shoots him in the leg and the two brothers force him to put his foot in a bear trap so he won't shoot at them as they leave.

At the end of the episode, Mags and Dickie pay Walt a visit. Mags offers him a glass of her "apple pie moonshine" as a peace offering. Walt doubles over, due to the glass of moonshine being poisoned. Mags reveals that she poisoned him due to the fact he called the cops on James. Mags vows to raise Loretta as her own and tells Walt that he can be with his wife in Heaven now.

Although Moonshine War was Walt's only appearance alive, his dead body appears in the next episode "The Life Inside" as Coover and Dickie proceed to cover the body in lye and dump it down a deep hole in a mine shaft (Ironically, this is the same hole that Coover falls down after being shot by Raylan in the episode Brother's Keeper). Coover also steals his watch, which sets up the climax for the previously mentioned episode.


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