Waldo Truth
Waldo Truth
Harlan, Kentucky
Cause of Death
Pushed out of a plane by Drew Thompson

Waldo Truth is a character in the fourth season of the FX series Justified. Waldo is tied to the season's central plot, a mystery that involves Arlo Givens, the father of US Marshal Raylan Givens.



Waldo is the patriarch of the Truth Family: The husband of Mother Truth, the father of Jud and Nelly Truth, and the grandfather of Milo Truth. Waldo had been providing the family with finances from disability checks before his disappearance. On January 21, 1983, his body clipped to a parachute fell from the sky in Harlan, along with bags of cocaine. Another man named Harold Shawn agreed to take his place and had for the last 15 years to continue providing the Truth family with disability checks.

Season 4Edit

In "Hole in the Wall", his body is seen falling from the sky (although this isn't confirmed yet) with bags of cocaine around him. A man named Sherman finds the body and screams for his wife to call the police. At Arlo's house, Raylan finds a Panamanian diplomatic bag hidden in the wall (The same one that was seen on the body earlier), and inside is the driver's license of Waldo Truth. At the prison, Arlo denies any knowledge of Waldo Truth, or that he had hired two teenagers (Roz and Benny) to retrieve it for him. Arlo slips up and tells Raylan to put the bag in the wall, proving that he was lying the whole time. Arlo then slits the throat of Sam Porter, a trustee who noticed the bag and knew some of its origins.

In "Where's Waldo?", Art, Raylan, and Tim pay a visit to the Truth family, who they learn do not take kindly to law enforcement. Mother, the matriarch, is more cooperative and tells them about the first time she met Waldo. Harold Shawn walks in and sticks to his story of being Waldo Truth, but has no knowledge of the bag or knowing who Arlo Givens in. Once handcuffed, he confesses his real name and that he only agreed to be Waldo in order to continue providing disability checks for the family. Mother tells the Marshals that Waldo left with a pilot named Drew Thompson 30 years ago, and that he never returned. At the Marshal's office, Art pulls a file that confirms that Waldo was indeed the dead parachutist from 30 years ago (Due to a scar in the same area that confirmed Mother's story) and not Drew Thompson.


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