Cause of Death
Shot to death by Tanner Dodd
Trixie was a supporting character in the FX series Justified Season 3 episodes "Thick as Mud" and "When the Guns Come Out". Trixie is the girlfriend of Tanner Dodd, as well as an informant to Ellstin Limehouse. In her meantime, Trixie is a prostitute working at the bar and brothel Audrey's, where she is employed by Delroy. Trixie is shot and killed by her boyfriend Tanner Dodd in "When the Guns Come Out". Trixie was portrayed by co-star Valerie Brandy.


Trixie is a prostitute who works down at Audrey's, where she is employed by Delroy, the owner. She acts as an informant to Ellstin Limehouse.

Season 3Edit

In "Thick as Mud", Trixie is present in the bar when Boyd Crowder, Johnny Crowder, Jimmy, and Rip come in and meet with Tanner. Later, she relays the information of the meeting back to Limehouse about the meeting between the men and about Robert Quarles. Limehouse pays her for the information and informs her to keep her ear to the ground.

In "When the Guns Come Out", Trixie and Ellen May are dropped off by a trucker to go meet up with Doc Stern to retrieve Oxy for their employer, Delroy. Stern gives them a small bottle of Oxy, but the girls are disappointed and want one of the bigger ones. Stern tells them that is all they can get, and they attempt to seduce him. Soon, Tanner and Teddy come in, where the two shoot and kill Rip. Stern pulls out a handgun from a desk drawer, but Tanner shoots Stern in the stomach, and shoots Trixie as well. Tanner demands Teddy to steal the Oxy before Tanner shoots Stern and Trixie one last time.


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Season three appearances
The Gunfighter Cut Ties Harlan Roulette The Devil You Know Thick as Mud
When the Guns Come Out The Man Behind The Curtain Watching the Detectives Loose Ends Guy Walks Into a Bar
Measures Coalition Slaughterhouse

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