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T.C. Fleming is a guest character in the FX series Justified fifth season episode, "Raw Deal". Fleming is a computer hacker who hacked a backgammon website, claiming it was seized by the Marshals and he owed Larry Salmeron $250,000. He is portrayed by guest star TJ Linnard.



Not much is known about his background, except he reveals to Raylan Givens he lost his leg to cancer at the age of 14. 

Season 5Edit

In "Raw Deal", Larry Salmeron and Kemp visit Fleming and Candace, as Fleming had hacked into an online backgammon website and made it seem as if the Marshals had seized the website. Salmeron records Fleming's confession, planning to get his $250,000 and send Fleming to prison. Salmeron is killed by Kemp when he realizes Salmeron was cheating him out of his portion of the money, and Candace is kidnapped as leverage until Fleming can provide the money. Raylan shows up at the apartment, but Fleming escapes by sliding down a light pole, and makes a blog about making Raylan his bitch. At the bar, he calls Raylan and reveals that he canceled all of his credit cards. Fleming hacks the phones to make it seem like he is placing  calls from Kemp's hotel room, and has him arrested by the Marshals. Candace tells them where they can find him, due to his sexist remarks and disrespect for her computer skills, and they find Fleming at his mom's house in the basement. Fleming tells Raylan he will reactivate his credit cards whenever he has access to a computer in prison. 


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