Pork 1
Pork 1 infobox
Pork 1
Cause of Death
Crowder family, White supremacists
Pork 1, played by guest star Daniel Stewart Sherman, is an unnamed guest character in "Fire in the Hole". He is a white supremacist in Boyd Crowder's gang. The gang is based in an abandoned church in Harlan, Kentucky. When Boyd threatens Raylan Givens he has this man provide a decoy for the rest of the US Marshals guarding Raylan. He is shot and wounded by Deputy US Marshal Tim Gutterson and then captured and arrested by Deputy US Marshal Rachel Brooks.


Season one appearances
Fire in the Hole Riverbrook Fixer Long in the Tooth The Lord of War and Thunder
The Collection Blind Spot Blowback Hatless The Hammer
Veterans Fathers and Sons Bulletville

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