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Mother Truth is a guest character in the FX series Justified fourth season episode, "Where's Waldo?". Mother Truth is the matriarch of the Truth family. She is portrayed by guest star Beth Grant.



Mother Truth is the matriarch of the Truth family. She met Waldo at a drive-in movie theater while there with her first husband, Kyle Lee. Whereas most of her family has no respect for the law, Mother Truth is more cooperative to talk to the Marshals when they arrive looking for Waldo.

Season 4Edit

In "Where's Waldo?", Mother Truth comes out and diffuses the standoff between the Marshals and the rest of the Truth family. She proves to be more cooperative, telling them about the first time her and Waldo met. After Harold Shawn confesses the truth that he is not the real Waldo Truth, Mother Truth attempts to stop him but fails. Mother Truth tells the Marshals that she hasn't seen Waldo in 30 years. She last remembered him going off with a pilot named Drew Thompson, who said he had a job for him and that he was never coming back. Mother Truth was glad that he was gone, as she felt the family was better off without him.


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