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Milo Truth is a guest character in the FX series Justified fourth season episode, "Where's Waldo?". He is the grandson of Waldo Truth. He is portrayed by guest star Ethan Jamieson.



Milo is the grandson of Waldo Truth. Like his family, Milo has also been in frequent trouble with the law despite his young age, even spending three months in juvenile detention for urinating on a cop. 

Season 4Edit

In "Where's Waldo?", Art, Tim, and Raylan spot Milo checking a mailbox while staking out the Truth residence. Milo believes them to be perverts and races back home on his bicycle while they give chase after him. After having the Truth family's cooperation from Mother Truth, Milo shows more disrespect for law enforcement when he flips off Raylan. Milo then threatens to shoot them when they arrest Harold Shawn, refusing to let their disability check get taken away. Raylan pushes Milo to the ground and takes away his gun.


  • Mother Truth - Grandmother
  • Waldo Truth - Grandfather
  • Jud Truth - Relationship ambiguous (Either uncle or father)
  • Nelly Truth - Relationship ambiguous (Either aunt or mother)
  • Trick - Relationship ambiguous (Either uncle, father, or no relation)

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Get off me, pervert!"  - (To Raylan after being shoved on the ground in "Where's Waldo?")


Season four appearances
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Decoy Peace of Mind Ghosts

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