Mason Goines
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Mason Goines
Detroit, Michigan
Cause of Death

Mason Goines is a guest character in the FX series Justified fourth season episode, "Truth and Consequences". Mason is a henchman of Detroit crime boss Theo Tonin, sent to Harlan to find the whereabouts of Drew Thompson. Mason is portrayed by guest star Michael Graziadei



Not much is known about Mason's background.

Season 4Edit

In "Truth and Consequences", he arrives at Eve Munro's house and punches her when she attempts to escape from her home after Deputy US Marshals Tim Gutterson and Raylan Givens tell her to lock up in a window-less room when they see a car waiting outside. Barnes was acting as a diversion for Mason, so that he could capture Eve without the Marshals seeing. Mason has also recruited a dirty FBI agent named Alex Barnes to act as an inside man and take over the Thompson case. At a hotel room, Mason punches Eve and interrogates her, in hopes of figuring out the whereabouts of Drew. Eve tells him that today is the first she's heard of him being alive. He attempts to kill Eve when she gives him a fake location to find Drew, but the Marshals intervene and stop Mason after Raylan is tipped off by Barnes.


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