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MP Sykes
MP Sykes infobox
Cause of Death
Military Police
MP Sykes is a supporting character in the FX series Justified first season episode, "Veterans". MP Sykes is a military police officer who works as a guard at the front door of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) builiding. Sykes refuses to give Art and Raylan entry into the VFW due to the fact neither of them are a war veteran or have a military ID when they go to the VFW to talk to Arlo. Raylan asks Sykes to tell Arlo they need to speak to him, but Sykes comes back out and says he can't help them due to the fact Arlo didn't want to talk to them. Art then calls Tim to help them out. Sykes sees that Gutterson was a sniper in the Rangers and an Afghan war veteran, and gives the three men admission. Sykes was portrayed by co-star Emerson Brooks.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "No membership ID, no entry." - ("Veterans")


Season one appearances
Fire in the Hole Riverbrook Fixer Long in the Tooth The Lord of War and Thunder
The Collection Blind Spot Blowback Hatless The Hammer
Veterans Fathers and Sons Bulletville

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