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Kenneth Flix is a guest character in the FX series Justified fourth season episode, "Money Trap". Kenneth is an aspiring filmmaker and an accomplice of Jody Adair's who helps him escape custody when he is captured by Mitch and Sharon Edmunds. He is portrayed by guest star Michael Gladis.



Not much is known about Kenneth's background.

Season 4Edit

In "Money Trap", he appears in the flashback from six days ago, posing as a good Samaritan when the van carrying Jody pulls over on the side of the road with a flat tire. Kenneth appears visibly frightened when he sees Jody strangle Mitch to death, but at gunpoint, tells him where Sharon Edmunds went. The two sit in Kenneth's house getting high, but leave when deputies question Kenneth about Sharon. The two head to Katrina Adair's house to get the safe code that contains a lot of money, but leave when they see Raylan Givens is also there, talking to Katrina's sorority sister Jackie Nevada. Later, he chastises Jody for denting his car when he jumped on top of it out of the window to escape Raylan. When Raylan and other police officers break into his home, he shows Raylan a DVD that he recorded of Jody, which is an omnious message that he is going to kill him.


Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Some thanks I get for being a good Samaritan." (Kenneth to Mitch when he pulls a gun on him in "Money Trap").


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