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Jud Truth is a guest character in the FX series Justified fourth season episode, "Where's Waldo?". Jud is the son of Waldo Truth. He is portrayed by guest star Ted Welch.



Jud is the eldest son of Waldo and Mother Truth. He has a long rap sheet of offenses, and has very little respect for law enforcement like the other members of his family. Jud is also a frequent pot smoker, claiming to the Marshals that he has to smoke pot because of glaucoma.

Season 4Edit

In "Where's Waldo?", he comes out with a shotgun and threatens Raylan, Tim, and Art to leave or else he will shoot them. Jud also shows the Marshals that his family is apathetic to his fate when he asks Nelly and Trick if they are fine with him being shot. Jud also seems disappointed when he realizes that Mother Truth sold out their father, as she felt they were better off without him.


Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Badges? Shit, if I've seen one badge, I've seen 100 of them." - (To Art in "Where's Waldo?")


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