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Josiah Cairn is a recurring character in the fourth season of the FX series Justified. Josiah is the step-father of Roz who claims to know the whereabouts of Drew Thompson. Josiah is portrayed by guest star Gerald McRaney.



In 1985, Josiah tried to pull a scam involving the mine company, taking money from the widows and blaming it on the mines while taking money from the mines to cover it up.

Season 4Edit

In "Kin", Roz reveals that Josiah gave the order for her and Benny to retrieve the bag from Arlo Givens's wall. Raylan visits him, and when Josiah doesn't talk, Raylan handcuffs him to the car and drives down the road. Josiah tells him that Drew broke both his legs when jumping out of a plane in the hills, and cut a deal with Arlo and Bo Crowder to give them the cocaine in exchange for a place to hide out. Raylan tells Josiah that if Drew isn't in the hills, he is going to come back. Raylan learns that Josiah tipped off the hillspeople that he would be coming, resulting in his capture, as well as Boyd's. Raylan re-visits the house, and finds his ankle bracelet lying on the porch. Raylan then finds blood and Josiah's severed foot.

In "Foot Chase", Josiah lies in the basement of the Gable residence, when Grady (one of the criminals holding Josiah hostage) notices his bleeding has increased. John suggests cauterizing the wound with a blowtorch, and Josiah objects, saying that he feels fine. Josiah argues that he is not Drew Thompson, as the two criminals believe.  Just as John starts to cauterize his foot, Raylan and Shelby Parlow show up with guns and take control of the situation. Josiah confesses that he tried to have Raylan killed because he wanted to find Drew himself, and was going to get former Harlan Sheriff Hunter Mosley to help his effort.


Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Of course I don't look so good. I'm dying here, asshole." (To Grady in "Foot Chase")


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