Joe Delahunt
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Joe Delahunt
Boston, Massachusetts
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Boston organized crime
Joe Delahunt, played by guest star Lenny Citrano, is a supporting character in the FX series Justified third season episode "Cut Ties". He is an organized crime boss from Boston, Massachusetts.



Delahunt is the son of "Big" Joe Delahunt and given his short stature is commonly known as "Little Joe". Big Joe is serving 14 consecutive life sentences in Levinworth prison for multiple homicides. His assassin Walter Vondas carried out the murders but testified against Big Joe, identifying him as the one who ordered the murders.

Season 3Edit

Little Joe is surprised to hear from Vondas, now in the Witness Security programme and living under the alias Terry Powe. Vondas tells him that he wants to buy back into the business and Little Joe demands $2,000,000. Vondas begins to follow his handler, US Marshal Bill Nichols and ultimately tortures and kills him when he is discovered. Vondas manages to get enough information to sell the location of Witness Security client Mary Archer to Carlos Salazar, the man she intends to testify against and asks Little Joe to come to Kentucky.

Little Joe is staying in a hotel in Lexington, Kentucky with his bodyguards Butch and Gloansy when the body of Nichols is discovered. Assistant Director Karen Goodall identifies the link between Delahunt and Vondas and she goes to question Delahunt with Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens. The two draw Butch and Adan out of the room and arrest them both. Delahunt opens the door when the murder is mentioned and explains that Vondas had contacted him but claims that he had no knowledge of how he planned to obtain the money. Vondas is apprehended by US Marshals and Archer's life is saved.


Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Which one of my guys did what?" ("Cut Ties")


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