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Jack Anderson is a guest character in the FX series Justified fifth season episode, "Whistle Past the Graveyard". Jack is the father of Kendal Crowe, whose motivation for heading to Kentucky is to flee from a man named Michael, who is after Jack to avenge his son who was accidentally put into a coma by Jack. He is portrayed by guest star Kyle Bornheimer.



Jack met Wendy Crowe when she was 22, and ended up getting her pregnant with Kendal. Scared at the thought of being a father, he fled. Wendy had Kendal believe for years that Jack was his uncle and that she was his sister, although he was aware of the truth for a long time.

Season 5Edit

In "Whistle Past the Graveyard", Jack picks up Kendal and Wendy, taking them out for breakfast. Jack proposes riding some rollercoasters in Ohio, but leaves with Kendal while Wendy is in the bathroom. Jack reveals to Kendal that he stopped an attempted rape and left a man in a coma, but now the man is after him after waking up. Kendal calls Jack out on his lies, revealing he had been aware for a long time that Jack and Wendy were his parents, and demands to know the truth of why they are fleeing. Jack reveals that he was skimming from a poker game in order to start his own fracking business in Mexico, until a top player caught on and flees when he sees Michael approaching, leaving Kendal by himself. Jack calls Wendy, telling her that he screwed up and fled, leaving Kendal alone with Michael. Michael later meets up with Jack, Wendy and Raylan, revealing that the man left in a coma was his son and that Jack had accidentally left him comatose after hitting him in the head with a brick and fleeing. Jack and Michael end up in a scuffle, which is broken up with Raylan subdues the two men, who are both arrested.


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