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Imogene Dodd
Harlan, Kentucky
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Imogene Dodd is a supporting character in the FX series Justified Season 3 episode "Loose Ends". Imogene is the ailing mother of convict Tanner Dodd, who Raylan Givens goes to visit after Boyd Crowder reveals Dodd's involvement with Robert Quarles. Imogene is portrayed by co-star Carol Mansell.



Imogene is the mother of Tanner Dodd.

Season 3Edit

In "Loose Ends", Raylan goes to visit her to ask about Tanner. Imogene panickly tells him that someone named Vincent shot a woman named Bernice mistakingly whom he thought was a deer. However, it turns out that it was actually a scene from a soap opera she had been watching on TV. Raylan soon asks about Tanner, but she re-assures him that she hasn't spoken to Tanner in 10 years, but Raylan notices a big-screen TV in her living room which he believes to be a gift from her son. Raylan says that there are some very dangerous men after him too and that he will help Tanner.Imogene brings up the poison scenario (When someone ingests poison, and you are the only one with the antidote) Imogene soon gets angry saying that the last time some "no dick" lawman ran that game with her, Tanner was 10 years old and orders Raylan to leave. Raylan agrees but leaves his card in case she changes her mind. Soon, she calls Tanner and tells him that Marshals are after him. Errol, making good on his promise to Tanner earlier during their robbery at Lemuel Becket's place, brings her the stolen money. Raylan, who was present in the house hooking up her new television, hands her the remote and tells her that he is sorry for her loss before leaving. Imogene turns on the TV to see a classic show and sobs at the sight of the child on that show.


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