Hiram Pugh
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Hiram Pugh
Cause of Death
Shot in the head by Colton Rhodes
Former drug dealer

Hiram Pugh is a guest character in the FX series Justified fourth season episode, "Hole in the Wall". He was a former drug dealer of Boyd's who converted to Christianity upon hearing sermons by Billy St. Cyr. Hiram is portrayed by guest star David Ury.



Hiram was a former drug dealer for Boyd.

Season 4Edit

In "Hole in the Wall", Boyd visits him in order to retrieve his money from Hiram's sales. Hiram tells Boyd that his Oxy sales have plummeted because a majority of the drug users have given up drugs for Christianity because of Billy St. Cyr, a newly popular street preacher. Boyd adds up the math, and realizes that Hiram still owes him money from his profit. Hiram tells him that he flushed all of the Oxy down the drain after converting to Christianity. Boyd threatens the man to pay up when a firecracker explodes outside. Colt and Boyd come back later to torture Hiram with more firecrackers, and when the fuse gets near the end, he confesses that he hid the money under a lawnmower. Boyd tells Colt to take care of Hiram. Colt, misinterpreting Boyd's words (Boyd really wanted him to untie Hiram), shoots Hiram in the head.


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