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Henry Granger Sr.
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Henry Granger Sr. is a guest character in the FX series Justified fifth season episode, "Good Intentions". He is a man who holds hostility towards Alison Brander for taking away his son, and visit Raylan Givens at the Monroe household in the middle of the night. He is portrayed by guest star Scott Anthony Leet.



Not much is known about Henry's background.

Season 5Edit

In "Good Intentions", Henry shows up at the Monroe household, wielding a bat and continously setting off a car alarm by hitting the bumper with a bat. Raylan believes that he is a goon sent by Monroe to scare him out of the estate, but brushes off the threat, saying for him to tell Monroe that he didn't scare. Later on that day, Alison identifies Henry by his shamrock tattoo and Raylan visits him, hitting him with the baseball bat. Henry says that Alison planted crystal meth in his house, resulting in his son, Henry Granger Jr. being taken away. Raylan threatens him to stay away from Alison.


Memorable QuotesEdit


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