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Harold Shawn is a guest character in the FX series Justified fourth season episode, "Where's Waldo". Harold is a man who pretends to be the real Waldo Truth in order to keep the Truth family provided with their disability check. Harold is portrayed by guest star Dave Florek.



Not much is known about Harold Shawn's actual background, except that he has pretended to be the real Waldo Truth for 15 years in order to continue to provide the family with their money from disability checks.

Season 4Edit

In "Where's Waldo", he enters the Truth home and sticks to his story about being the actual Waldo Truth. The Marshals notice the irregularities in his story when he denies any knowledge of the Panamanian diplomatic bag or knowing who Arlo Givens is. Once he is handcuffed, he reveals that he is really Harold Shawn, and that he agreed to keep the family's disability check coming and pretended to be Waldo.


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