Frances Givens
Frances Givens
Harlan, Kentucky
50 or 51 (at time of death)
Cause of Death
Givens family
Unseen character
Frances Givens (1949 - 2000) is an unseen character in the FX series Justified. Frances is the late mother of Raylan Givens, sister of Helen Givens, and the former first wife of Arlo Givens. Frances' uncle Everett who wanted to be a prize fighter but couldn't become one after his retinas were torn out by Tommy Hearns. When Arlo was married to Frances he would beat her.  One night Frances ran away to Nobles Holler where Ellstin Limehouse protected her from Arlo for awhile until she went back. When a young man named Jonathan McClaran insulted her by infering what he would like to do to her, Arlo grabbed some dog shit from Jon's dog and stuffed it down McClaran's throat. This threatened to ingnite a war with the Givenses backed by their friends the Crowders and the McClarans backed by their kin the Sorensons. Frances however managed to broker a peace by calling a sit-down to cut through the bullshit. Frances died early on in Raylan's childhood (so the date on her tombstone is apparently wrong because it puts her death when Raylan was 30) and before the events of Justified took place. From then on, Raylan was raised by Helen in order to give Raylan a mother figure in his life; Helen soon became married to Arlo. Frances's body is also buried outside of the Givens home.


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