Elmont Swain
Elmont Swain infobox
Elmont Swain
Cause of Death
Strangled to death by Jimmy Tolan

Elmont Swain was a guest character in the FX series Justified fifth season episode, "Wrong Roads". Swain was the husband of inmate Elena Swain, and was responsible for murdering Rowena's drug smuggling partner, Vernon, after his wife died of a drug overdose. Rowena recruits Boyd Crowder to help her murder Elmont. He is killed when Jimmy Tolan strangles him with a wire under orders from Boyd. He is portrayed by guest star Muse Watson.



Season 5Edit

In "Wrong Roads", Rowena recruits Boyd Crowder's services to help murder Elmont, but Boyd finds out he is living inside of a nursing home due to his heart condition and is hestitant to kill him. Boyd offers Elmont a chance to get away from it all as a means to lure him outside of the nursing home. Elmont is suspicious, keeping his gun with him at all times and tells Boyd not to try anything funny when he has to go pee. It is all a ruse as Elmont is strangled with a wire and killed by Jimmy Tolan, who is sitting in the backseat.


Memorable QuotesEdit


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