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Cyrus Boone is a recurring character in the FX series Justified. Cyrus is a drug distributor working for Boyd. Cyrus is portrayed by guest star Bill Tangradi.



Season 5Edit

In "The Kids Aren't All Right", Cyrus speaks up to Wynn Duffy about the arrival of the next shipment of dope, before Boyd shows up and wins the crowd back over. Later, he is seen talking to Teri about the shipment.

In "Good Intentions", he is interrogated by Duffy and Boyd. Boyd believes that Cyrus isn't stupid enough to double cross him and that he isn't behind the sabotage, but rather, an accomplice. Cyrus says that he told a prostitute named Candy (who is later revealed to be Teri, Johnny Crowder's girlfriend) about the shipment.

In "Weight", Dewey shows up at his place, giving him the bag of heroin that was stolen from the Mexico shipment. Cyrus says that he has to call in the "money calvary", but instead tips off Boyd and the Crowes to Dewey's location. At his place, he holds both Dewey and Danny at gunpoint, requesting 3 of the heroin bags for his troubles. 

Season 6Edit

In "Fate's Right Hand", Tim Gutterson and Raylan Givens discover he is an associate of Boyd and visit him at his house (as Tim used Crackpot to gain access into his house). Cyrus attempts to flee outside, only to be knocked unconscious when Raylan hits him in the face with a shovel.


Memorable QuotesEdit


Season five appearances
A Murder of Crowes The Kids Aren't All Right Good Intentions Over the Mountain Shot All to Hell
Kill the Messenger Raw Deal Whistle Past the Graveyard Wrong Roads Weight
The Toll Starvation Restitution
Season six appearances
Fate's Right Hand Cash Game Noblesse Oblige The Trash and the Snake Sounding
Alive Day The Hunt Dark as a Dungeon Burned Trust
Fugitive Number One Collateral The Promise

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