Harlan, Kentucky
Cause of Death
Shot to death by Errol Butler
Combs was a supporting character in the FX series Justified Season 3 episode, "The Devil You Know". Combs is the father of Junior, as well as an accomplice of Ash Murphy, helping him out in the plan to receive Dickie Bennett's money from Ellstin Limehouse. Later, he and Combs hold Dickie at gunpoint as he goes to the meeting with Ellstin Limehouse at Mags Bennett's old store. Combs is shot and killed by Errol Butler, after attempting to make a run for it when Junior is shot and killed. Combs was portrayed by guest star Ed Corbin.



Combs is the father of Combs, and also is one of the accomplices in the plan to get Dickie's money from Ellstin Limehouse. Like his son, it is clear that Combs holds a strong grudge against the Bennett family, due to Mags selling out all of her townsfolk to the Black Pike Mining Company.

Season 3Edit

In "The Devil You Know", he is watching over a captive Dewey Crowe at the motel room, along with Junior and Lance. Combs soon stands up out of his seat when Murphy and Dickie replies, and simply mutters Dickie's name. Combs, Dewey, Dickie, and Junior soon move out and head to the store after witnessing Murphy being run over by Raylan Givens. Combs helps his son subdue Dewey, who attempted to flee from the group. Junior, Combs, and Dickie soon head out to the general store with Dickie being held at gunpoint. Dickie manages to find the cooler full of money boarded up into the wall, but hesitates to open it because he is stalling time for Limehouse to arrive. Combs orders his son to put the gun to Dickie's neck and force him to open it just in case there is a gun in the cooler. Combs watches as Dickie opens the cooler and Dickie then says "Holy shit". Junior replies "What?" and ends up being shot through the back by Limehouse, who unbeknownst to the two men was hiding out in the room. Combs shoots Dickie in the arm and attempts to flee out of the door, but is shot and killed by Errol, who is entering from the other side.


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