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Alex Miller is a guest character in the FX series Justified fifth season episode, "Wrong Roads". Alex Miller is a Tennessee DEA Agent that shares Raylan's cavalier quip and cowboy swagger. He is portrayed by guest star Eric Roberts.



Season 5Edit

In "Wrong Roads", Raylan meets Alex Miller after the Deputy Marshal diverts from his vacation to follow up on a tip that leads him to Tennessee. The two strike up a quick connection while discussing guns. They first head to a warehouse where they find Roscoe and Jay, who claim they are looking for their former boss Rodney Dunham as well and claim to have no knowledge of his whereabouts, although both Raylan and Alex don't believe him. Miller orders Henkins to sit on Roscoe and Jay when he and Raylan leave so that they don't tip Dunham off. Raylan and Alex walk in on Rodney Dunham's compound and find him bleeding, Alex reminisces with the injured marijuana kingpin. While reflecting on their history and sharing Alex's flask, Raylan is initially suspicious of their friendly encounter. He then realizes Hot Rod was Miller's CI.  Alex reveals he is quick on the trigger when Roscoe attempts to inconspicuously pull on him while distracting the two with Shakespeare recitations from King Lear. After the situation is diffused, Alex and Raylan part ways. Later, Miller stops the tow truck being driven by Danny and Dewey Crowe. Danny pulls out his knife, challenging Miller to the "21 foot rule". Dewey uses the distraction to floor the gas pedal on the tow truck, hitting both Miller and Danny and fleeing with Boyd's delayed heroin shipment.

In "Weight", it's revealed by Raylan when he talks to a KSP officer that Miller survived the hit and run, but is hospitalized with a broken pelvis. 


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